Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So, we went camping. That's right - I went camping. Hard to believe, I know. I still hardly believe it myself, but the scab on Miles chin and the band-aid tan line on Elijah's forehead are constant reminders of our time spent in the wild.

My fun loving friends, Anita and Dione, somehow recruited my family to go along with theirs' to tent camp at the lake. I was very hesitant. I thought of every reason not to go. The following is the short list: bugs. Heat. Tents. Dirt. The ground - being where I'd sleep. Sunburn. Did I mention bugs? There were only two reasons to go: being with great friends. The boys would love it - especially Miles. As you can tell, Miles and the great friends won out.

Many times since I've become a mother I've had to make decisions I didn't want to make or do things I didn't want to do. It's what a parent does, a good parent anyway, one that is trying. This is something I did for the boys that I didn't want to do. Never, ever have I just yearned for the tent camping experience. Ever. First thing when we arrived we ran into ourbrother-in-law's sweet grandmother, who has been camping for many, many years. She came over to give me encouragement (and offer me a rest on her camper's sofa!) and to tell me about the many fond memories she and her family have of camping. I decided right then that if Nonnie loves camping so much, then I should give liking it an honest try. She reminded me that when our children grow up it's the simple, fun family times that they will remember. It may seem silly, but I don't think it was a coincidence that Nonnie found us. Oh, and I didn't even take her up on the sofa offer!

The boys had so much fun. They made s'mores and then enjoyed totally roasting marshmallow after marshmallow. They had fun around the campfire. They rode a boat, and Elijah even tried out tubing. Miles loved tossing sticks and rocks into the lake. They slept so well in the tent. They played with toads. Miles drug a wagon around simply filling it with rocks, leaves and sticks. They loved it so much.

So, even though I woke up no less than 10 times during the night, I did get some sleep. I will go back, although it may require the cajoling of my friends again. But I'll do it because my boys need to just be outside, in the air, with the toads. One day we'll even take Ella with us. And she'll likely wander around collecting leaves and rocks and putting them in her purse alongside pretend lipstick. Now that I think about it - I'll definitely go back. I wouldn't miss it.

But not without an air mattress.


Lisa said...

Glad you survived (and even enjoyed!) your camping trip. Miles' scab looks like a little soul patch on his chin. :)

Anonymous said...

Kristin, I have a blog called "Picture Camping" (, if you want to check it out) where one of the things I do is bring my readers the best of the best of others' blog posts about family tent camping-- and this post certainly qualifies! May I quote you and link back to your blog?

Do you scrapbook, by chance? I also feature people's scrapbook layouts about camping.

Anyway, thanks for considering this,

Jean B. in SC

tamara said...

Oh, camping. I am not a big fan either, though I have tried it twice in my pre-kid era. It definitely would be a ton more fun (or at least a little fun) with kids. They make everything more worthwhile. Even bugs, dirt, and camping.

Meme said...

---Or we could have Grandaddy rig up a pop-up tent camper for you all complete with shower facilities like he did for us when Jonathan and siblings were little!! You've heard that story and the one about pulling this thing through Atlanta in a blinding rain storm! Somehow we made it through (Atlanta and camping!) to even make it to a church we had located the next morning on time in our Sunday finery---no casual attire back then, nor 360 service, you know!Those are memories, all right! I'm just not sure how fond they were for the kids nor myself! But parents do (as you said) have to offer, and endure, certain memory building experiences. That's what binds us into strong families and leaves those legacies whether the times are good or a struggle. Happy Camping! Meme

Erika said...

That sounds like fun. We met a family during the soccer season who camped out at a local park and I think we will try it sometime. It's almost too hot now here, but maybe in the fall. I think too this is why we love the beach so much. The boys can run around outside, be as loud as they want, etc. JUst good simple fun.

Anonymous said...

oh, yes - you'll be going back - and, this time, i'll be in the tent right next to you :) can't wait!!!

allison p.:)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kristin-- I featured your blog today on mine!

Thanks (and let me know about your next camping adventure!),

Jean B. in SC

Amanda G. said...

I was thinking that camping might be something fun to try with the kids. Until you mentioned toads. They are related to frogs. I don't do those things. I'll have to borrow someone's RV I guess. :)