Sunday, August 29, 2010


then {36 weeks}
now {15 days}
enjoying a quiet morning - just the two of us

Saturday, August 21, 2010

one week ago...

Milla Jean entered our home and our hearts.

God gave us another daughter. What a sweet surprise when Dr. Gentry announced "it's a she!"

Milla's daddy kept her company in the nursery for a while.

All my little loves together... the first time they met their little sister. Miles knew she'd be a girl. Jesus had told him so in two dreams.

My daughters became sisters.

Latona Jean met Milla Jean. More grateful than I can express for this picture.

Granddaddy and MeMe met their 13th grandchild and 4th granddaughter. From what I hear Linda had a very sweet, excited reaction to Jonathan's announcement of a girl. Too bad there's no video of that.
...that my heart may sing to you and not be silent. O LORD my God, I will give you thanks forever. Psalm 30:12

Friday, August 20, 2010

she's here!

It's funny that the pregnancy ticker says 3 more days to go and my sweet baby has already been here for 7 days. All that worry over a c-section scheduled for this past Monday and we ended up having an early {surprise} one last Saturday. For once, I finally went into labor on my own.

I proudly introduce our baby girl {who shocked me both by coming early and by being a girl}...

Milla Jean
born 8.14.10
9 lbs, 6 oz 20.5 inches

As for her name, Milla we just found to be lovely. Jean is my mom's middle name, which happens to mean "God is gracious." He is, indeed.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

a c-section it is

Due to the enormous expected size of this child {ultrasound Monday estimated 9 lbs, 12 oz.}, I am scheduled for a c-section next Monday morning. We discussed several options, but what it came down to was possible trauma to the baby or me if it baby is as big as we think. That coupled with my doctor's concerns and the very serious tone of his voice made our decision fairly simple. Thankfully I've gotten lots of encouragement from friends who've had c-sections {thanks, friends!} and am feeling pretty good about the decision.
Jonathan found this heinous looking patent application from 1965 for a torture table disguised as a birthing contraption. Notice the net that is supposed to catch the baby after it is propelled from the womb by centrifugal force? Yikes. I know a c-section is way better than this would have been. Can you believe this was never approved? Or better yet, can you believe it was ever imagined? So weird.

Now... if only Monday would hurry up and get here. I can't wait to hold this big, chunky piece of my heart in my arms.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Isn't it amazing that what starts out as a poppy-seed sized thing {and much smaller earlier} ends up as big as a watermelon?

That's right... I'm carrying a watermelon. Want proof?
{You may be wondering, just where are her feet? Well, I can't typically see them, but when I do catch a glimpse I am startled to be walking around on someone else's massive and puffy feet. It still takes me off guard.}

Yikes. Last week, at 36 weeks {when these pictures were taken}, an ultrasound estimated this child to already weigh in at 8 pounds, 5 ounces. Give or take to be anywhere from 7 to 9 pounds. Yikes, again.

So now we wait. And I can't help but wonder... how much bigger will this baby get before it's birthday? Hopefully he'll induce me no later than two weeks from now {at 39 weeks}... but going into labor sooner than that sure would be nice. I feel sure this baby is big enough... or too big already. But either way, I'm just waiting...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

He is before all things...

and in Him all things hold together. {Colossians 1:17}

I love how God reminds me that His Word is living and active and real. Sometimes I'd prefer Him reveal this to me in an easier way than He did this time, but I'm grateful for His love in all circumstances - it never fails.

For quite a while now, my aunt has been planning a six week vacation to be with Mom. She moved to be with her son and his family in Texas just after the New Year. The first weekend she was here was my last weekend for allowed travel, so we headed to Nashville with my sister-in-law. Mom has wanted to go to Carnton Plantation in Franklin for a long time, so that was first on our list of things to do. {The picture above shows the four of us there.} Of course, we enjoyed delicious meals and some fun shopping, although I couldn't tolerate much walking. It was a wonderful girls weekend away.

Mom had been battling a cold for a few weeks at that point, and even though I tried to get her to see her doctor before we left, she wanted to wait it out. Hmmmm... where oh where do I get my stubborn from? She made it through the weekend pretty well, feeling better some times than others, and when we got home she made an appointment for that Thursday to see her doctor. I saw Mom and Moni on Tuesday and I could tell she was feeling a bit worse, but was relieved that she had a pending appointment.

I did not see them on Wednesday. The little ones had Kids Blast Wee at church that morning, and then I came home to try and force some nesting or sewing or something. At 8:30 or so that evening Moni called me, and trying very hard not to alarm me, calmly said that Mom had been in bed most of the day and that now she was acting disoriented, would not wake for long, was answering questions strangely and had been blue around the mouth. Calm I did not remain. I was in full blown panic mode. I left immediately as my sweet husband threw snacks and a drink in my purse. I called my brother, who unfortunately was on business in Virginia that week. Before I was on the interstate {which didn't take long!}, I was on the phone with 911. They beat me to Mom's house. I can't even describe how she looked. I was terrified. They worked on her for a while and then took her to the ER. Somehow, God held me together in those moments.

At 3 am they moved her to the ICU due to very low blood pressure, telling us she likely had a bladder infection. Moni and I went home for a little sleep and returned at 10 am for the first visitor's time. She was awake and able to speak with us, and I had a definitely false sense of security. We saw her again at noon, and decided to rest during the 2 pm visit. So, there I am trying desperately to fall asleep, when Mom's nurse calls to let me speak to the doctor. She tells me that Mom does not have a bladder infection, but that she has sepsis. I had only heard of people dying with sepsis, not surviving. Somehow, I did not lose it on the phone. Dr. Lindsey said Mom was in serious condition. That she thought we caught it early, and hoped that it could be turned around, that the cure was strong antibiotics and fast and furious IV fluids. So much fluid in fact, that heart failure was a possibility. The thought of losing my Mom was suddenly the only thought I had. I cried and prayed and went downstairs to tell Moni, call my brother and Jonathan. Then I cried and prayed some more.

We put on brave faces for Mom at the 4 and 6pm visits. At 9pm, she was sleeping so deeply that we let her be. I went to my house to sleep in my bed, very afraid I'd get a devastating call in the middle of the night. Thankfully, that call did not come. At the 10am visit the next morning, the nurse called Dr. Lindsey for me, and she happily told me that "Mom was out of the woods." They had been able to raise her blood pressure and were slowing down the IV fluids. She said she felt good about Mom's condition, and began talking about recovery. The sound of her voice was so different than it had been the day before. I was so grateful to God. In a brief moment of prayer earlier that morning, I told Him that I know He is sovereign, that His plans are superior to my own, but that I'd really like to keep my momma here. I know Kevin was praying the same, and many other prayers were lifted up for Mom as well. I can't pretend to know why God chose to heal Mom here on earth, as opposed to healing her at Home like He did for Dad. I'd be praising Him either way, but I am so grateful to have the chance to praise Him for life this time.

Mom was in the hospital for two weeks, four of those days spent in Intensive Care {with an amazing nurse - an angel among us for sure!}. Now that she's at home, I have learned to administer her antibiotic through a PICC line, which hopefully will be removed {and unnecessary} tomorrow afternoon. Thankfully, my aunt was scheduled to be here through August 17th and has changed her flight home to the 25th. Mom is slowly gaining some energy, but has quite a recovery in front of her. Of course, her biggest concern is me now that this baby is soon to be here. No, she won't likely be able to help out very much, but I don't care about that. I'm just thankful that she's here. And that I'll have the blessing of seeing her hold her 7th grandchild.

Ella and Mom at the 4th of July parade

"You go before me, You shield my way. Your hand upholds me, I know you love me." This line is from a song we learned recently. Thank God for going before us in this {and all} situations. And truly, it is His hand that upholds me daily... otherwise I know I'd have fallen long, long ago.