Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Isn't it amazing that what starts out as a poppy-seed sized thing {and much smaller earlier} ends up as big as a watermelon?

That's right... I'm carrying a watermelon. Want proof?
{You may be wondering, just where are her feet? Well, I can't typically see them, but when I do catch a glimpse I am startled to be walking around on someone else's massive and puffy feet. It still takes me off guard.}

Yikes. Last week, at 36 weeks {when these pictures were taken}, an ultrasound estimated this child to already weigh in at 8 pounds, 5 ounces. Give or take to be anywhere from 7 to 9 pounds. Yikes, again.

So now we wait. And I can't help but wonder... how much bigger will this baby get before it's birthday? Hopefully he'll induce me no later than two weeks from now {at 39 weeks}... but going into labor sooner than that sure would be nice. I feel sure this baby is big enough... or too big already. But either way, I'm just waiting...


carrie said...

It looks like the baby is standing straight out. I hope that you will get relief soon!

Andy said...

i have one word C section. and your gonna have to change your blog name to something along the lines of "we have 4, we know what causes it, your just jealous b/c my family is cute and yours' is ugly" sound good :) hope you guys are well :)