Sunday, October 24, 2010

little friends

Fifteen months ago {give or take a little}, five friends sat on a living room floor and prayed. Fervently. Lovingly. Boldly. We prayed for a little girl, unborn yet born in the heart of one of us. And loved by each of us. God worked strongly, and soon Betsy and Chad began the adoption process and journey to their daughter.

Sometime in the middle {of the beginning} of their paperwork, Betsy had a dream about me. That I was pregnant {was it 18 weeks in the dream, Betsy?}, and that I was just getting around to telling people about it. Several weeks after the dream, I whispered to Betsy at church just after Christmas, "I'm not 18 weeks, but I am 6 weeks!" Betsy's reaction was so sweet. Such excitement, which is a little hard to come by when you're announcing your fourth pregnancy.

At some point we talked about and wondered, would her baby girl and our baby be close in age? We knew they would be relatively close, but the wait list Betsy and Chad were on was for a 0-12 month old baby girl, so it could be close or just close-ish {yes, I just made up a word}. And not knowing Milla's gender until she was born, I knew I wanted another girl, wanted Ella to have a sister, but I also wanted Betsy's sweet girl to have a little girlfriend close in age - just like Ella has Lily and Emma Dean. So, I loved when Betsy showed up just hours after Milla's birth to see her and hold her, thinking about our girls together... not knowing when exactly, but knowing it would happen.

So last week, Milla and I were out of town with my mom {at a conference for CEUs for my degree - yes, I keep up with all that}. When I was heading out of town I was on the phone with Betsy, who was #1 on the wait list. We both hoped she'd have her referral before I made it back to town. I was so thrilled when I got a text from Anita {one of the five of us} that read, "Betsy's got a girl!!!!" Oh, boy, did I wish I could give her a big hug right then. And as I held and nursed Milla, I checked my phone again and there she was. I had a face to go with the name of the little one born in my friend's heart so long ago. So sweet, so pretty, sweet chunky cheeks, bright eyes. And I loved her. Already.

She is only 16 days younger than Milla. Sixteen days! And, once again, God's timing amazes me.

Friday afternoon, as I watched Milla lay on the bed, kicking her little feet, cooing sweetly, I thought about her little friend. Was she also laying, kicking, cooing at that same time, half a world away? And I prayed, thanking God and thinking about times in the future... two sweet little girls toddling around together, side-by-side in nursery class at church, holding hands, giggling.

And I can't wait.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

2 months

My little baby lady turned 2 months old today.

I adore these month stickers for monthly photos. Sadly, I ordered mine from Canada and they didn't get here in time for any one month pictures. Really, I am still sad about that, but I will take what I can get and will have them each month from 2 through 12 months.

She wasn't crazy about taking these pictures. This little one came her with her own distinct little personality and set of opinions {and she lets them be known loudly!}. I wouldn't have her any other way.

This one was taken earlier in the morning when Milla was just taking it easy in the bouncer, sucking on her tongue in her sleep. I sure do love my sweet, floppy leaning over ears, chunky monkey Milla Jean.
Happy 2 months, my littlest love!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Zantac, take me away...

at least that's what I assume Milla feels like when her reflux is bad. If Milla's not happy... nobody's happy, so we headed to the doctor last week to try and help our little girl out. A couple days of Mylanta, a Zantac prescription and a week later and we have a much happier girl for the most part. When she doesn't spit the Zantac out, that is. I tasted it yesterday and it is nasty. Poor girl. I imagine she wonders why I'm torturing her with the stuff.

before Zantac

after Zantac

I feel so bad for her when she's hurting. I remember well the burn of reflux when she was the cause of it... many nights I woke up, hugely pregnant, with stomach acid in my mouth. I do not miss that part of pregnancy - not one little bit. Hopefully we'll be having many more happy days out of this girl as the medicine kicks in.

Monday, October 4, 2010

a little fun

Jonathan needed to work over the weekend, so I decided that the kids and I needed to get out of the house {and his way} for a bit. His new job situation has him working from home {have I mentioned that?}. So, we hit the zoo on Saturday with Mom and Christine and her boys.

Milla in the wrap. The stroller was rejected for a time.

sweet sisters

help from her biggest brother. made me smile.

Why is the playground the most requested zoo destination?

And how is it that my baby is already 7 weeks old?