Sunday, October 10, 2010

Zantac, take me away...

at least that's what I assume Milla feels like when her reflux is bad. If Milla's not happy... nobody's happy, so we headed to the doctor last week to try and help our little girl out. A couple days of Mylanta, a Zantac prescription and a week later and we have a much happier girl for the most part. When she doesn't spit the Zantac out, that is. I tasted it yesterday and it is nasty. Poor girl. I imagine she wonders why I'm torturing her with the stuff.

before Zantac

after Zantac

I feel so bad for her when she's hurting. I remember well the burn of reflux when she was the cause of it... many nights I woke up, hugely pregnant, with stomach acid in my mouth. I do not miss that part of pregnancy - not one little bit. Hopefully we'll be having many more happy days out of this girl as the medicine kicks in.


Meme said...

Poor Milla! That first picture gets lots of sympathy from me!