Monday, November 15, 2010

milla jean at 3 months

Well, my girl is no longer a newborn. She came here so big and bright-eyed {and opinionated!} it seems like she wasn't a newborn for long. It's going by way, way too quickly for me, but I also love seeing what's next and joyfully anticipate more and more of Milla's personality emerging. She's such a sweet little thing. Not the laid-back fourth child some said she'd be, but she's just right - just the way she was created!

At three months she loves: mommy and daddy, "talking" to whoever will listen, listening to daddy whistle or mommy sing, her big sister and big brothers, naps in the swing, arms to hold her, warm pjs after a bath. She does not love: waiting to eat, being cold, being put down when that's not exactly what she wants, stop lights or sitting in parking lots {that car better keep moving or she gets mad!}.

{smiling at big sister!}

enjoying {a little} playtime on the floor
On the {many} days that I feel tired, looking at this sweet babe reminds me of what's truly important. And {for now}, it's not how tall the laundry pile gets, the dishes in the sink, or how our school days don't always go as planned.

"...the joy of the Lord is your strength." Nehemiah 8:10

Happy 3 months, baby girl. Now let's see what happens next!


tamara said...

Well she is just stinking adorable! Favors Ella, I think... but just favors, not really looks just like. Glad you are enjoying her!

Erika said...

Kristin, She just gets cuter and cuter! What a sweatheart. Will you post where you got the number stickers?

carrie said...

I have to agree with Tamara and Erika, she is so cute! I love that smile! I am nervous about our 3rd but these sweet pictures of your baby make it seem a little less scary! I have found some numbers on etsy. Is that where you got them?

Kristin said...

Yes, I found the month stickers on etsy. The shop mine came from is baby fables. She's from Canada, so order early... easy since both of you will know what you're having (or already do!). She even has a zero month sticker you could snap pictures with on day one!

Teresa said...

I remain in awe at how wonderful God is in you! I think it is neat that you call her 'Baby Lady" because my first impression of you was that you are a LADY through and through. Blessings to your little Baby Lady and blessings to The Lady.

Mishka said...

She is such a cutie! It does go by fast. Hope you are doing well with school, things are pluggin' along for us.