Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Monday {on Tuesday}

Yes, it's Tuesday because, well, Monday was busy. Today is busy, too, but in an effort to fend off some type of break down {seriously, I feel it coming on...}, I am sitting, writing, being thankful. The cause of the almost-break down? My house. The house that is so full of stuff and junk and I want to just tip it on it's side and empty it out. A thorough clean and purge is needed, is coming, but how to find the time with four littles {the middle two always adding to the mess}, second grade to wrap up, a baby to feed? On to the gifts list before the breaking down begins here and now:

  • {28} the {last} first Easter.
  • easter2011-8 easter2011-9
  • {29} making the dresses myself, however imperfect, made lovely by the little girls in them.
  • easter2011-7 easter2011-4
  • {30} boys that still like to wear matching clothes.
  • easter2011-5
  • {31} a risen Savior!
  • {32} the hope of His rising.
  • {33} the grave is overwhelmed.
  • {34} the joy of Easter Sunday, the peace of Easter Monday, Easter Tuesday... {and on and on}.
  • {35} knowing that it will only get better after this - SO much better.

Read Ann's lovely words about an Easter Monday faith, find other lists...


tamara said...

I "feel" one coming on for me, too... a breakdown, that is. So, I will pray for you, and you can pray for me, and perhaps we can ward the breakdown off before it starts!!!!! ;) And, for the record, the dresses look just perfect to me!