Friday, April 4, 2008

circus, circus

We went to the circus with Wes, Amanda and Taylor. It was fun, although it was only a one ring circus with one elephant, five tigers and several wiener dogs. I'm not sure when wiener dogs became circus animals, but when they came out Ella ripped her paci out of her mouth and started roaring at them. (She roars at all animals - birds, monkeys, everything.) It was really neat to see the elephant, which is Elijah's favorite animal, but I felt sorry for her. Elijah's favorite "circus character" was the man who rode the bikes (including a very tiny bike under a hoop of fire!), Miles' favorite part were the pyrotechnics which he called fireworks, and Ella had a love/hate relationship with the circus. She was either dancing and clapping or fussing and crying. Overall we had a great time and it was fun to have Taylor and Miles at the circus together, as Wes and Jonathan went to the circus a couple of times together as little ones. Miles got a motorcycle toy that he has had with him almost constantly since last night - he's sleeping with it now. Very cute.


Alissa Nicolau said...


Your site is very touching. I enjoyed reading the slide show your mother-in-law sent you. I believe it can bring perspective, comfort and peace to many. Your kids are beautiful. I have an almost two year old so I can't believe that your son is reading in Pre-K! How great!

Thanks for sharing,

Rebecca said...

We will be going to the circus today. I had heard that it was a small circus. We are still looking forward to it.

carrie said...

That is something we have not done with Todd. Looks like they had fun!

Anita McFarland said...

Tigers!!! I'm jealous! Glad you had fun.