Saturday, May 10, 2008

Muvr's Day

Elijah has been asking all week if it is Mother's Day yet. He was so excited to give me the gift he made at school; so excited that he couldn't keep it in and told me a few days ago what it was. He was very proud yesterday when he gave me a kitchen towel with a flower made from his hand print on it. I'm a huge sucker for anything with my babies' hand prints - I just love them.

Thursday while I was vacuuming, Elijah brought me a card he had made for me:
It was just what I needed at that moment. Very sweet. I love the way he sounded it out and just didn't have the heart to correct it.

And this is his most recent self portrait. Check out that hair. And notice the red - it is his favorite color for those of you who haven't heard several times already.
In an interview conducted at school this is what Elijah reported about me (he filled in blanks):
My mom is 30 years old.
My mom weighs 41 pounds.
My mom's favorite color is pink and purple.
My mom's favorite food is meatballs.
My mom likes to take care of me.
My mom does not like for me to hit.
I like it when my mom plays with me.
I like to wash dishes with my mom.

My mom is silly.

When I told him my true weight he said, "wow, that's a lot." But he was happy to learn that he weighs about what he thought I weigh.

I will enjoy celebrating my own motherhood tomorrow along with celebrating my Mom and Linda (my mom-in-law). We'll all be eating together at a yummy Asian restaurant. I have a necklace and pink stone pendant Dad gave me on my second mother's day. I wear it on special days, or any time I just need to feel like he is very near. I will wear it tomorrow...

HAPBE MUVR'S DAY to all of you, my wonderful friends in motherhood...


Rebecca said...

Somehow, when we were in high-school, I never thought about us wishing each other happy mother's day one day. I hope it is a good one for you!

Erika said...

Peyton was equally excited to give me his gift. He hid it so I couldn't find it before yesterday. Happy Mother's Day!

KC said...

awwwwwwww, that is so cute..
I got something very much like this from Sweet Pea my kindergartener. a picture she drew of me and the interview above it.. It says My Mom
My mom's name is Kirin (just so you know that is close it's Karen LOL)

She is 35 years old
She has blond hair
and blue eyes. (all ture)

Her favorite color is Pink( that is one of them)

She likes to eat Pizza(ture I don't mind pizza)

I think my mom is Happy.

I remember when my 2nd grader did this.. He got my name, age, hair, color, and eye color right. said my favorite color was pink also, said I liked to eat steak and that he thought I was pretty..

you got to love these little things.
Happy belated Mothers day to you..