Friday, July 11, 2008

still thinking about Deeper Still

It's almost been two weeks since my time at Deeper Still and I just keep thinking about it. During all three lessons I feverishly took notes to refer back to for my own purposes but also to share what I learned here. I just can't do justice to what I received while there, but I found someone who could and did. If you're curious, then go here for Beth Moore and here for Priscilla Shirer and then here for Kay Arthur.

It was so immediately obvious that Kay had a painful message to share with us, one that actually made her physically ill. As part of it she urged us to commit to daily bible study. I felt convicted of my lack of making daily study a priority. I can stay up late to sew or blog, but sadly reading the bible hasn't kept me up many late nights. That's embarrassing to share. But I am going to change it. I want to learn to look into the word and see and receive words from God in a new way. I have a new bible study to start with that is just about getting into the word.


Amanda G. said...

I am the same way about my Bible study. Here I am blogging while Taylor sleeps when I could be studying. Thanks for sharing and I'll pray we both do a better job at Bible study.