Monday, July 7, 2008

we're home

and I'm very happy that we are. We had a fun (but too short) visit with Kevin and his family. Getting there and back was not so fun. This is what we had to deal with for a total of approximately 24 driving hours and many more hours counting stops and meals:

sadness silliness anger

ella and ian had fun together and fought a little bit, too

miles took a ride in Uncle Kevin's pick up truck. this was truly the highlight of the trip for him.

we went to The Henry Ford Museum. Great collection there, including the weinermobile and the Dymaxion House (which really made me miss my favorite architect).

as part of the car exhibit the boys were able to build kinex cars and then race them down slides. I actually made the sad little one Elijah has, while Miles found one that had been abandoned by someone more talented than me.

The actual bus Rosa Parks was on when she refused to give up her seat. Notice the old WSFA advertisement inside.

We also visited a small planetarium. Elijah has become quite the little expert on space and asked the college-aged speaker some neat questions and also told him a few things. Like how their aren't really aliens - they are only in books (which I tell him to save him from fear and bad dreams). So, 21 year old college astronomer tells him that actually there is a high likelihood that aliens do exist. Thanks for that.

Kevin said being with Ella takes him back to when his baby sister was really a baby.

A sweet moment between Miles and Ella at the hotel on our way home. She found this great little perch by the window and happily shared it with her brother.

Even though the trip was difficult, especially for my mom who now needs a vacation after our vacation, I am happy that we did it. The thought of the ride was always scary to me, and almost kept me from deciding to go. Thinking of it now that it's over is still not much fun. But the fun the kids had is so very worth it. They need the chance to go and see new things and visit with their cousins. I can handle a very unrelaxing trip to afford them the great time that they had. Maybe, just maybe, we'll do it again one day. But their dad will have to go, too.


Anonymous said...

Why is that Kevin guy always wearing plain white T-shirts? And holy cow ... Miles' head is bigger than Kevin's.


katie said...

I'm so glad everyone had a good time! Thanks for sharing the pictures :) I've decided I'm just going to adopt your kids instead of having children of my own.

tamara said...

Glad you guys had a great time. And it is certain that any vacation taken with children is no vacation at all.