Saturday, August 16, 2008

missing elijah

We miss Elijah!
We survived our first week of kindergarten. Elijah did very well with four green apples and one orange one (because he didn't complete some of his work). Green is the best, followed by orange, blue, yellow and red. An apple comes home each day to let us know how he behaved. He got a bit tired toward the end of the week and had a little cold, so Friday morning was the only time he teared up a little when I left him. He said he quit crying by "wiping away his tears." Starting Monday, we aren't allowed to walk them in school anymore and will have to drop them off at the door. I'm a bit concerned about how that will go, for him and for me. Another little step in letting go...

Miles really missed Elijah this week. He repeatedly asked me, "where's Lijah?" or told me to "go pick up Lijah." Poor thing didn't know he was making me feel even worse than I already felt. I missed Elijah so much this week. Constantly wondering how he was doing and not being able to know for sure. It was hard, and I cried a lot. I cried by myself, to my mom, to Jonathan, to Anita, and Helen (Isabelle's mom) and my sweet sister-in-law Shannon even cried with me.

Letting your child go to kindergarten is one of the many things you just can't prepare yourself for and you don't know how it will feel until you do it. I have been so proud, worried, sentimental, happy and sad all at once this week. I've also been tired physically and emotionally. But, after all my praying about God's direction in choosing a school and giving Elijah the right teacher, I must have faith that this is where he belongs. I never prayed for a specific school, but for where God wanted him. I never prayed for a specific teacher, but for who he needed to have. A sweet friend from church reminded me earlier this week that God has Elijah right where he wants him. That I have prayed God's will for him, so that is what has I will believe. Believe that He does what He promises. Believe in Elijah's ability to manage without me. Believe that I will be able to manage without him here all the time. Believe that I will be able to send two other babies to kindergarten one day.
Please pray for Elijah and me for next week. Also for sweet Isabelle who is having a pretty tough time being away from her mom. Friday morning she cried for 2 1/2 hours, and that was before school.


Heidi said...

I completely understand how you have felt this week and have had very much the same feelings. I'm glad Elijah had a good first week of Kindergarten. Molly did as well. It took her a few days to get used to the new routine and kept saying she didn't want to go to school. But come Friday morning she was excited and ready. Hopefully next week will be the same.

Amanda G. said...

I was all sad that Taylor's school had to close, but now I'm dreading sending him off for a full day in only 2 years! I hope that this week is easier on everyone and if Miles needs someone to play with at the park just call us. We'll be looking for some things to do since we don't have preschool anymore.