Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the proudest boy

Yesterday was a rough start to our week. Elijah is quick to let anyone know that he does not like to color, and he came home with six unfinished worksheets. The rule is, you obey your teacher even if you don't like to color. If unfinished work comes home then he has to finish it at home before he can do anything else. So last night he finished all of his work at 8 pm, with a break for dinner, of course. We talked about it, prayed about it and decided to do a sticker chart rewarding 4 days of work completed at school.

Today he came home with a green apple and a report of "an excellent day!" He had a sticker, and was the only kid today who got to pick a prize from the treasure chest. I praised him like crazy and he told me he was "the proudest boy." Here he is with some of his work from today.They are having a color parade this week and are wearing and working with a different color each day.Tonight there was a family literacy night at school. Jonathan had a meeting at church so I had my mom come with me and the kids to school. Mom got to see Elijah's classroom and meet his teacher, who was so proud of Elijah's wonderful day. Here they are doing a rhyming activity during literacy night.
I also have gotten a bit more out of him today. They danced in class this afternoon "but not to the boogie woogie ABCs" that they listen to every morning. And tomorrow is the big day to go to the science lab for the first time and meet a dancing bird.

Maybe we are both starting to adjust. I know he is. Maybe I am.


Meme said...

Wish I had been at the literacy night! I would love to see his class. Glad he had a good day. As always, I am proud of him---Meme

Rebecca said...

He is a good colorer (if that is a word.) You and I are going through the same thing with this school thing. We got an email from Monica yesterday saying Brooks was having bathroom issues, by having to go all the time.
I did find out that I can get more out of him as far as what he did at school if I ask him questions like, "What did you color today?" or "What did you glue today?" or "What center did you go to today?" That still doesn't always work. Let me know if you find out the "secret".