Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's true

My favorite singing girl, Sara Groves, has blown me away yet again with her new Christmas album. My favorite song is called It's True. I love it for several reasons, one being that it features the sweet voice of her son. I also love that Elijah loves it. He can never listen to it just once. Here are the lyrics:

In your heart you hope it’s true
Though you hold no expectation
In the deepest part of you
There’s an open hesitation

But it’s true
Kingdoms and crowns
The God who came down
To find you

It’s true
Angels on high
Sing through the night

You’ve heard it told
You think it’s odd
The whole thing fraught with complication
The play begins with baby God
And all his blessed implications

In your heart you hope it’s true
In the deepest part of you
It’s true
It’s true

After we listened to it two or three times yesterday I told Elijah that some people don't think that Jesus' story is real or true. He thought I was kidding at first. When he realized I was serious, I asked him if he thinks it's true. He said, "I KNOW it's true!" God must smile and angels must sing when a little one is so full of faith.

I know we are all about to get really, really busy with the holidays. I am loving how this song, among others, brings me back to the point. All of this celebration is because of the birth of my Savior. And the celebration is fine, wonderful, and called for; but I do want to take time to ponder the Truth during this time. The truth of a God who came down to find me. And you.