Tuesday, December 14, 2010

11 days and counting...

and we had a lovely time at Callaway Gardens last week. We all enjoyed Fantasy in Lights, even Milla until about halfway through our ride. I felt her sweet little head slump down against me, having given in to the allure of sleep.

Our one big problem of the evening, the thing that almost had me panicked, was that when our ride was done it was 9pm. And we had not had dinner. Blood sugar was running low in the mini as we rode into the huge metropolis that is Pine Mountain. Subway? Closed. KFC? Closed. Local pizzeria? Closed. Family restaurant? Closed.

Milla screaming. Ella whining. Boys fighting. Nursing baby in van as husband is trying to gather some sort of dinner together in a gas station. Peanut butter, jelly, cheez its, plastic spoons, drinks. What? They are sold out of bread. No. Way.

Sweet cashier says to go to the next light. There we find the Huddle House. A lovely sight. Thank you Huddle House, for warm food in cold bellies. For elevating blood sugar. For a wonderfully fun dinner, even if I did spill my tea, narrowly missing the littlest lady. From now on, I heart Huddle House.

at the Huddle House