Friday, April 15, 2011

milla jean at 8 months


Hey, can I tell you something exciting?


I am 8 months old!


It's going by so quickly. {As least momma says so.}

As promised, I'm {pretty much}on time with this post. My baby girl is eight months old as of yesterday. How the hands of the clock spin faster and faster I'll never know. I do know that Milla is no longer a little baby, although as if to spare me from too much {it's going too fast!} sadness, this girl is doing things on a bit of a slower time-line. Fine with me, baby girl. Actually, all of my littles have been late to walk: Elijah and Ella were both 14 months while Miles was a true late walker at 16 months. {Finally! I was 6 months pregnant with Ella by then.} I suppose Mil could surprise me and get to walking sooner, but she might need to start crawling and pulling up first. For now, she's just pleased as punch to be sitting up on her own!


and watching leafy shadows in sunlight


and dancing to musical toys


and having eyes on that cat


and playing some more

and eating and enjoying both yellow and green veggies equally, but the nose is turning orangey. 
And using some consonants in her babble, mainly m and d, with her favorite combination being ma! That's my girl. {We both love you, daddy!}

 I'm pretty pleased with how things are going right now. Momma is too.

Before you go, look how far I've come in 8 months:

See you next month, and between now and then if you're lucky I'm sure!


Erika said...

This makes me want to cry because I know how fast time is going to fly. Elizabeth may never learn to walk since I can't bear to put her down for long! We need a support group. :)

Anna said...

Oh she's so beautiful! I can't believe how fast it goes...faster than with addie for me! I love your thousand gifts posts! Thank you for sharing your heart! It, too, is so beautiful!