Monday, October 6, 2008

Veggie Tales Live

Yesterday afternoon Jonathan and I took the boys to Veggie Tales Live. I don't know about you, but around here we love ourselves some Veggie Tales. Elijah definitely qualifies as a fanatic, as he has been known to put a hat on sideways and hop around the house while answering only to "Jr." He also draws the Veggie Tales characters. And draws them. And draws them. Then he draws them some more. Miles and Ella are following right in line and really enjoy the videos. So, when we heard they were coming to town, we had to take the boys. Dora or Diego or Disney on Ice we can ignore requests to go to, because those would be painful. And I mean slow death painful. But I enjoyed Veggie Tales, and I think Jonathan did, too, although some of the actual people's dance moves were disturbing in a bad dancing kind of way. Bad moves, not lude (of course!). Don't tell Ella, but she just didn't make the cut this time.

I found this press photo on the web site.

Here they are as the Boyz in the Sink.
They wanted everyone to do the dance with this one, and although we did not, the sweet woman in front of us thoroughly got down. It was impressive, people.

Miles chose the pirate hat from The Pirates who don't do Anything. It's almost as big as he is. He's been wearing it while saying "aye, aye captain!" But I keep making him walk the plank.

Unfortunately they didn't have a Junior hat, so Elijah defaulted to the next best, Larry Boy. He wore it all day today. He had today off from school so he wore it at home. At the Y. At Pizza Hut when we met Ian, Anita and Lily. At the monogramming shop. At Publix. Evidently he likes it. We had fun.

Tonight we will rest, because tomorrow night we will take the boys to the fair. It's so much fun, with the exception of all the money flying out of the window... but it's totally worth the smiles on their faces. Oh, yeah, don't tell Ella, but she's not going to the fair either. Don't feel too bad for her - this is Miles first trip to the fair. She can go next year. Maybe.


tamara said...

Brave soul. Veggie Tales and the fair in the same week... it just might do the parents in! We have never really gotten into the Veggie Tales around here because, to be quite honest, they freak me out a little bit. Talking vegetables are just a little weird to me.

Heidi said...

It sounds like you had a fun day at Veggie Tales and will have a great time at the fair.

Weezy said...

Now that I know ya'll are into this kind of thing, we all must go see The Imagination Movers. We just really love them. I think Kevin and I are as big of fans as the kids.

KC said...

OH my.. I didn't even know they had a veggie tail live, Now I need to go look it up and see if it will be anywhere around me.. My older kids use to love veggie tails and Little Man loves them now.
When Mr. Man was 3 years old he went trick or treating as Larry Boy, then when he was 4 years old he went just as Larry(we made the costumes) and This year Little Man is 3 years old and I wanted him to wear this brothers old Larry costume but he wanted to be Bob.. so we just finished making the Bob costume for him.. he looks so cute in it..
So glad you all had fun

Amanda G. said...

We thought about going to veggie tales. of course it was the day before the show and then wes realized he had to be at church Sunday night so we didn't go. Taylor isn't as fanatic about them as Elijah but he loves anything singing and dancing. He really loves anything pirate now too so don't let Miles wear his hat to church or Taylor might be jealous. :)

we are going to the fair tomorrow. Lilly gets to hang with her Mimi instead.