Thursday, March 11, 2010

Siesta Scripture Memory Team trip

Last March {wow, has it been a year already?} my friend Allison emailed me with a pretty crazy idea. She had been on Beth Moore's blog and quickly decided that we needed to join the Siesta Scripture Memory Team. It consisted of memorizing two verses per month during 2009, posting them each time to the blog, and ending with trip to Beth's home church in Houston in January. Even though it sounded far off and challenging to carry off, I immediately emailed her back with "Let's do it!"

We were a little behind the game picking up in March, but we managed to go back and add our scriptures to each blog post, and then set out to learn them. It was amazing at the end of the year, because you could clearly get a sense of the year we each had based on our verses for each month. What a year it was for both of us - we each had financial burdens {at staggered times - we understood each other but were never in that "pit" at the same time - thank you, Lord}, they had a possible relocation, we were in the process of praying and deciding about homeschooling, then there was the start of our money trouble with the end of theirs, the start of homeschooling {yikes!}, God's call on us to have another baby, my aunt's death, finding out we were pregnant, and Allison's uncle's death. A big year, I'd say. And all along, we had verses or scripture segments to carry in our hearts... God is faithful... no matter what.

So, all year we became more and more excited about our plans to join our buddies Beth and Travis Cottrell in Houston. Would it be a road trip or would we fly? Would we have the money? Would it work out with our husbands and kids? {They were so great to let us go. Thanks, guys!} We felt resolved to go, and had faith that all the details would work out. And they did, perfectly. At the end of January, we made the road trip to Texas. Not a bad drive when you're with one of your best girls, with no kids in the back, talking, singing to great music {like Sara Ingram}, and reciting scripture to one another. A few tears, many laughs, and a great time of worship and learning!

This is when we split off in pairs to recite scripture at the event. We were required to say 10, but Allison said all 24 while I said 15 of mine. When we were done we took a moment to watch the others... a beautiful sight. God's daughter's speaking His words. I knew He was smiling!

Cute Beth. She gave an amazing lesson on Psalm 119. I could write an entire blog post about the lesson {I took notes like a mad woman. Beth is so annointed that when she speaks I just want to remember it all}. I'll just give you the part that is hanging out in my heart:
Your word is a lamp to my feet
and a light for my path. Psalm 119:105

See, His Word is a lamp. Not a spotlight or your headlights set on bright. A lamp. He lights our way enough for the next step, enough to light the path just in front of us. If He lit it too much, we wouldn't need Him. {And likely wouldn't know how to handle all that we'd see. You know, new mercies for each day. Not all days together. One day at a time.} I've just been letting this settle deep into my heart. I don't know what the future holds, and I need to be ok with that. And I need to trust. For several reasons, I really need this right now.

Oh, remember when Allison and her man had a possible relocation last year? Well, two weeks before this trip she told me they were moving for sure, this summer. So, I've been praying for them to be in God's will. I'd rather that be here, of course, because I'm selfish like that. So I've also prayed for me, to take the next step in this matter also, and know that God needs them where He is sending them, and to prepare for what it will be like when we are friends {forever!} but from a distance.
In our pink boas {someone's idea to be identifiable around Houston - this is the only time we wore ours!} with our scripture spirals in front of Houston's First Baptist Church. Thanks, Allison, for your crazy idea. It worked! {And Lord willing, we'll meet up in Houston again in 2012 after the next round.} I'm so grateful for our friendship, that I know God will make even stronger across the miles. And whether we end up back in the same place or not, One Day we'll never have to part.

If you've ever been to a Beth Moore thing, then you know she always leaves by commissioning her students. Through tears, Allison and I spoke this to one another, with 500 other sisters:
You have honored your God by treasuring His word.
You have been through a rough year,
but here you are!
The delight of your Father's heart
and a thorn in the devil's side.
As we go our separate ways, hold fast to God's precepts.
Let Him use His decrees to put iron in your soul.
Let no sin have dominion over you.
And when you stray, and you probably will,
and you feel like you can't find God,
call out to Him with all your might.
And He will come find you.
Because never forget
that the Son of Man
came to seek and to save
that which was lost.
Now girlfriend, go out there and do that thing!


Erika said...

That sounds like an awesome trip. I hope everything with your friend's family works out.

Brett said...

Hey Kristen!

Just writing to say "Great Job!" on following through with the Siesta challenge, and to encourage you to keep writing God's word on your heart this year!  I built a website in January to help myself and others stay consistent with scripture memory.  It's called and it helps you memorize scripture by typing it; First while looking, then with every other word hidden, and finally with everything hidden.  It can also link up to your blog, so all your readers will always see the most recent verse you memorized.  Let me know what you think, I hope you find it helpful!  Blessings,