Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 {in review}

I am thrilled to be taking part in the Living Proof Ministries' scripture memory challenge again in 2011. My friend Allison and I did it in 2009 {and had a fun trip to Houston to celebrate with our other friends Beth{Moore} and Travis{Cottrell} almost a year ago}, and it meant so much to us. Living Proof took a break last year, but are doing it again - how could we not join in? It's simple, really, to memorize scripture, but without the accountability of posting them twice monthly on the Living Proof blog, well, honestly, I'd fall off the memory verse wagon.

In considering this new year, I wasn't sure what scripture to begin with. I felt all scatter-brained. My hopes for this year are high. My concerns are big. I was all over the place in my head. But, Beth spoke right to me {well, actually God did} by posting this verse the other day:

I love it so, and decided to claim it, pray it, and memorize it and my first verse of the challenge. And it never fails. I've been through some really hard stuff. Really hard. But even then, His love is abundant. So, there it is, written in my squeaky clean, brand new spiral. That spiral and I will go through much together this year. It will get rough edges and may have torn pages. It's cover will become worn. It may be spilled upon. In the same way I will surely have some hard pathways this year. I may become worn, tired. I will likely make a mess of things from time to time. But what will matter at the end of this year, is what was written inside this spiral, and consequently, written on my heart. Thanks be to God.

Dear 2010,

Wow. You were big. And wonderful. And a little painful. We had amazing gain {sweet Milla Jean born in August} after wandering terribly close to horrific loss {Mom's very serious illness in July}. You pushed, pulled and stretched me. You were a year of climbing up out of 2009's scary finances... of being grateful to the One who never forsakes us... who uses every situation to His glory. Scary finances. Near loss. Amazing gain.

You had me asking for specific deliverance. And in your time, He delivered. Even wonderful changes can be hard though, and that's where I found myself very challenged. Sometimes frustrated. Often confused. But always trusting.

I'm sentimental over you, and will be, as you are the year of our {last} baby's birth. But I am excited to see what this new year will bring. I've got questions... and I'm praying. There are a few things that I'm just not sure what will become of. But He's sure. And that is all that matters, if I choose to trust Him with it all, every day.



Erika said...

What's the link for the memory verses?