Tuesday, January 18, 2011

milla jean at 5 months


she's been getting so much {cute} use out of this hat lately, well, I just had to take a picture of her in it. It's been so cold around here lately... the hat has almost become a part of her little head!





my sweet baby lady turned five months on the 14th. Last week at an ear re-check she weighed 16 pounds, 8 ounces. The girl loves to eat, and apparently it's not half and half but heavy. we started her on rice cereal a couple weeks ago and she tolerates it most of the time and really enjoys it the rest of the time. I keep promising that soon she'll taste yummy flavors like sweet potatoes and applesauce. {that reminds me I need to get to the store...}

she has rolled over from tummy to back a couple of times, totally by accident, so she hasn't learned how to do it of her own will. if she could figure out how to get that arm out from under her, she'd be rolling from back to tummy. maybe when she's calling the shots she won't hate tummy time anymore. she's also been practicing the different shapes her mouth can take {in the form of toothless old lady smacking} and has thoroughly enjoyed the discovery of her feet.

over the last couple of weeks she has slept better {most} nights. I can expect to feed her sometime between 4 and 6 after which we'll cuddle and go back to sleep. she's a toasty little morning bed buddy!

she is totally smitten with her brothers and sister. I mean head over heels for them. it's so sweet. and {as usual}, it's going too fast, but I'm enjoying her too much to be {too} sad about it!


Erika said...

I would tell you to get her to slow down, but the faster she goes, the quicker my baby girl will be here. :) She is an absolute doll baby. You're doing good momma!

carrie said...

She is so cute!