Saturday, February 19, 2011

Milla Jean at 6 months


Recently upon entering a room with this sweet baby on my hip I heard laughter and "that hair!" I forced the naysayer to identify herself and then we laughed together at this child's hair. Let's face it, it's so bad it's cute. Reminds me of televangelist hair. {Although that's never cute.}


In any case, it's nothing a sweet little bow can't handle.



Now, take a moment to enjoy these thighs and feet. I don't care what her hair does, I'm too busy being slain by the cuteness of the juicy rolls, the sweet cheeks, the tiny piggies.


My Lady-Lou,

At six months you are:

{finally} rolling over easily in both directions, although you STILL despise tummy time and get angry with me for forcing it on you and at yourself for accidentally bringing it upon yourself. Don't worry, one day you'll be able to control your own whereabouts like a pro!

You also are sleeping most nights until 5ish, when I feed you and then we snuggle back to sleep for a while. Last night was rough though, as I had to get up and reposition that paci no fewer than 5 times. {Let's no do that every night, thankyouverymuch!}

You have slowed down in your growth a bit, although you are still 70%ile for weight and 80%ile for head circumference. {It's ok baby, more room for that brilliant brain, right? It sure worked for your Poppa. One day I'll tell you all about him.}

You have learned to blow raspberries and find it quite fun. It is pretty cute, but Big Sister fusses at you for spitting. {It's only cause she's too old to get away with it now.}

And my personal favorite newness is that you grab on when we pick you up now, like a big grabby snuggley bug. I love it. So keep it up.

We love you, Baby Lady... let's see what happens next. Oh, and even if our wonderful pediatrician says you're behind on motor skills, and says perhaps I'm subconsciously keeping you a baby, I don't care. A few extra snuggles before the crawling away stage never hurt anyone, right? {But be warned: more forced tummy time is coming your way. Doctor's orders!}


Erika said...

Oh my, those thighs are scrumptious! I ordered my month stickers last week. :)