Monday, March 28, 2011

giving thanks

It's been a long Monday. I am worn down because of the littlest's need for four of five pacifier replacings during the night for the last several nights. I am ready for the warmth of the bed, ready for several hours straight of sleeping. Not expecting it. But first I sit, open my notebook, and share my gifts:

7. How Miles still wants us to walk him up to his classroom at school.


8. The tiniest kiss {hearing his breathing in my ear} he gave me last Friday, just outside the classroom.

9. Ella's worn out ballet slippers, sweet new ones waiting to dance.

10. Biggest brother holding littlest sister during church.

11. Milla's laugh, and those sweet baby eyes that search for her momma.

12. Hearing a song, feeling like He is singing it to me, over me.
               "My love is a light, driving away all of your fear. So don't be afraid, remember I made
                a promise to keep you safe..."  {from Keep You Safe by JJ Heller}


Twinside Out said...

Hi! I'm stopping in for Multitudes on Monday. :)

What a great list! I especially love #8 - so, so sweet.

I hope you were able to get some sleep!