Monday, May 2, 2011

counting gifts

  • {36} Seeing His goodness in the wake of tragedy.

  • {37} Hearts going out to others, help given, prayers said.

  • {38} Growing love among the oldest of friends.

  • {39} Busy husband fixing my lunch.

  • {40} Singing.

  • {41} Sunday lunch, new place, not crowded, kids eat free.

  • sundaylunch

  • {42} Help for infected ears.

  • milsears
    • {43} A serious boy can sometimes be silly.


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    Erika said...

    I finally started One Thousand Gifts and I have to be honest, it was hard reading at first, but I'm finally getting into it. Took me about 30 pages or so. I'm trying not to fly through it so I can soak it in.

    tamara said...

    Okay... that picture of Miles OWNS ME!!!!! That so needs to be your profile pic on facebook!!! Made me laugh out loud, and we all need that right now!!! :)

    And, kids eat free is always good. Too bad adults don't ever eat "free"...

    The Khans said...

    That is too funny about Miles. I sure do hope the boys will be in the same class. Also, is that the Tipping Point for kids eat free on Sunday? If not, where is it, although since it wasn't crowded you might not want to share :-)

    Rebecca said...

    That picture of Miles is wonderful!!! Can you share your Sunday lunch place? Please oh Please!!

    Christina said...

    How did you get number 39? I don't think that's ever happened at my house:) Just visiting from Ann's blog. Such cute pictures!

    MrsH said...

    your boy is so cute with the band-aids all over! Did he do that himself - I'm hoping that rather than that he was hurt.
    I came over from Ann's and I'm glad I did as I got to laugh:)
    thanks for sharing and God bless!

    carrie said...

    Love that picture of Miles and I am glad that sweet baby got medicine for those ears!