Monday, May 16, 2011



It's been hectic around here lately. It's been fun. It's been tiring. Milla just turned 9 months old {sniff sniff} and has been learning a few new tricks. The periodic cicadas are out and about and although I have yet to see {a whole} one, Ella has taken to finding their left behind wings.

The second grade is winding down for Elijah and me, as is this season of homeschooling in our family. Will there be another homeschooling season? Only God knows, and I trust that He will lead where we should follow. For the next school year he has led us to Cornerstone, and we look forward to all that He has for us there.

Miles' final days of preschool are upon us {sniff sniff again} as he will graduate on Friday. Jonathan took him on his last preschool field trip last week - I know Miles was happy to take his dad along since the five catfish they caught is much better than the one I caught last year. {I was also happy to miss out on the bloody cut-up fish they used as bait this go around.} Milla and I accompanied Ella on her class field trip to the zoo last week. Mil did great, took a nap, handled the heat. Ella had a bit of a harder time, but had fun anyway. Next up for her is her very first dance recital next week. I. Can't. Wait!

Miles also had his last t-ball game over the weekend. Why does everything end all at once? It's a bit much for this sappy momma. I had a blast watching him play and learn this season. He had a blast, too, especially playing in that red dirt!

Ella experienced a first last Saturday. She went to the wedding of a precious {young thang!} friend of mine. I sing with her at church, laugh with her at practice, share with her the loss of a parent {she lost her mom when she was only 18}, she taught Ella in the nursery. She made a beautiful bride and I know her momma was smiling over her especially on her wedding day. Ella was in awe of how "bee-you-ti-ful" Katelyn looked. I sat there trying to soak in that moment: my four year old, her first wedding, hoping they wouldn't kiss "cause that's yucky," and I wondered about the future of my girl. Does He have a groom in mind for her? And just how quickly will that day arrive? So, I just had to snap a picture of my baby girl with sweet Katelyn, to help me remember the day. Just Ella and me. Her first wedding.

Continuing the list of gifts:

  • {52} Miles staying in the van with Ella in the dark as I took Milla on inside. I came right back to get them, but Ella felt safe with her brother who was "guarding" her.
  • {53} A reminder that I desperately needed via a friend on facebook: "today is not just another little square on your calendar, but a God-breathed gift He has purposed for His glory. Tune in." Louie Giglio.
  • {54} The laughter of little girls.
  • {55} My very own bubble-in-the-sink beauty, dome covering the drain. {If you haven't read One Thousand Gifts, this means nothing to you. So read it!}
What are others receiving? You can find out...


Rebecca said...

I love all of the pictures!!!