Friday, June 24, 2011


Here goes another five minute friday: the topic is wonder.

GO.I wonder how it is that I deserve the gift of you. How it is that you were knit together in my womb. How it is that every day was recorded before one of them came to be.

I wonder how it is He decided to make your ears flop over sweetly, to make you look so like your little big brother, yet be so perfectly dainty.

I wonder how it has already been more than 10 months of you, my sweet little baby? How has it passed so quickly? Weren't you just inside, stretching me further than I thought possible? How is it that you now stretch the heart further than I imagined could be - making me a momma with enough heart for four.

And I wonder, how is it that we ever lived without you, Milla Jean?

those feet get me every. time. we love how you hold onto us with them.


hey ladybug, whatcha looking at?

oh, I see.


this has been a big time for you! You are officially on the move. You can get to the far reaches of the house all by yourself. Although this is an exciting development {since six weeks ago I was worried you'd never crawl!}, it's also troubling due to my {less than} desirable house-keeping skills. So far we make it work by shutting you out of certain rooms, and constantly looking for those tiny choking hazards, which reminds me of having to do a modified heimlech on you recently. Not. Fun.

You are working on cutting four top teeth. Seriously? Must you cut four all at once and all too soon look like a grown woman? Well, not really a grown woman, but still, older than I'm ready for in such a short time. Slow up on the teeth sprouting a bit, ok?

Since you are now independently mobile, you have no time or desire for the exersaucer or the walker. And wow, do you display that temper if we try. Only occasionally do you humor us briefly on this matter. That's ok, places to go and things to do, right?

We love you, you sweet and spicy little thing. Forever and ever.
big yawn. cutting four teeth and crawling all over creation will make one tired I suppose.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely post...and beautiful photos.
Thank you and many blessings too.

Patty Ann said...

Love the pictures. You are so right about all those things. I have often experienced the same wonder in my own life. Wait until she grows, and you have to stretch your mind back to remember it all. Love your pictures too.

carrie said...

Great post! Adorable pictures. Time is going quickly!

Anna said...

love the pictures and how they show so much of her spunky personality! happy 10 months almost 11 now!