Thursday, November 1, 2007

A robot, a spiderman and a ballerina

Here are the boys at Mr. Richard's house (our neighbor who also works with Jonathan). He loves Halloween and has a special treat for all the office children.
Eli won the costume competition at Landmark's Trunk or Treat! Jonathan put 4 years of model making experience to good use in making this costume. Eli was so excited in spite of not being able to hear or walk very well.
Miles wasn't too sure about what was under Mr. Richard's house.
Here is our sweet little ballerina. Her favorite part of the night was pulling off her cute little shoes to chew on her tight-covered toes.


Erika said...

That's a great Robot costume. I thought about making the boys costumes, but that would mean work. haha

Erika said...

and Hey, Happy Birthday!

Rebecca said...

That is a great costume! Jonathan did an awesome job! Happy Birthday!

carrie said...

Happy birthday! Great costume.