Sunday, November 25, 2007

War Eagle!

All of you who know me know that I've always been an Auburn fan. I graduated from Auburn twice. This picture was taken when I got my Masters. Thirty years before that, my dad graduated from Auburn. He raised me to be a tiger. But now I'm an even bigger fan. I guess this is an attempt to feel connected to him. I can hear him talking to the players (and the referees) while watching a game, I can hear him calling me to come see a replay or to update me on the score. I remember how it really bugged me that he had the TV on to watch the game but had the sound muted and listened to the game on the radio. I remember my first Auburn game. I was ten. I was supposed to go with my aunt, but Dad was also going with my brother and for some reason I felt really strongly that I should go to my first Auburn game with Dad. He taught me how to do the wave. He tried to teach me the rules of the game. He yelled and jumped up and down. He covered my eyes when a fan started mooning the other team's fans. And he loved yelling "Waaaaarrrrrrrrrrr Eagle, hey!" during kickoff. He showed me the student section and told me about what fun it was going to games when he and mom were in Auburn. Later, when I was going to my own games as a student, I would remember that very first game with my dad. I'm sure if you can look down and watch football from heaven, my dad was watching last night and yelling "War Eagle!" So, Dad, this video of the band playing the fight song is for you. I'm so happy my first Auburn football game was shared with you. Much love and War Eagle!


tamara said...

I think it is so wonderful that your dad left you so many memories to remember him by! You seem to find him everywhere. I only hope that I can do that well as a parent. To be so fondly remembered and missed is a great complement to his life.

Erika said...

My dad mutes the tv too. The only problem with that is the radio runs a couple of seconds ahead, so plays are known before they happen, it appears.