Monday, March 31, 2008

40th anniversary

Love is what you've been through together.

I found that quote recently and thought it perfect for this picture. My wonderful in-laws, Don and Linda, just celebrated 40 years of marriage. I know they've been through much joy, loss, great blessings, some heartaches and a lot of love in that time. By the time they were 30 years old, all four of their parents had passed away. By the time they were 34, they had 5 children. Now they have 10 children (as they count us in-laws as their own) and 11 grandchildren. Their love is a wonderful example and encouragement for all of us.


Erika said...

Please wish them a Happy Anniversary from me!

tamara said...

40 years - wow! They are such good people!

Rebecca said...

What a wonderful "milestone" to reach. Happy Anniversary to them!

KC said...

That is wonderful..
Happy Anniversary to them .