Monday, March 31, 2008

better late than never, right?

easter in pictures (and a few words)...
cute, sleepy little easter milesy

ella was so happy the easter bunny brought frog bath toys

my aunt came for the weekend - easter lunch was at the lake at Sinclair's

no she's not walking on her own yet, my babies like to be well beyond 1 before they whip out the walking skills, but she enjoyed this aided walk by the water

my three handsome, silly boys
Later we visited with Jonathan's family also. As you know Easter was also on the anniversary of Dad's death (which is also Jonathan's parents anniversary, his sister's birthday and our nephew's birthday). A day that's always loaded with celebration and remembrance, but this year shared the joy of celebrating the resurrection. It was a wonderful day as we were surrounded by family, filled with the love of Jesus, encouraged with sweet words and we felt as though Dad was near to us. My sister-in-law Alinda told us she started her day (her birthday) in prayer for Mom and me and my mother-in-law told Mom she thinks of March 23rd as a day of joy for my dad because he went Home on that day. Yes, we were saddened because we miss him daily, but we were uplifted and encouraged as well.


KC said...

Looks like a great time this Easter.