Friday, March 14, 2008

spring break

This has been spring break from preschool and, except for a couple of rainy days, the weather has been wonderful. We've gone on walks, played in the backyard, and we went to the zoo with Gammie. It's too bad that we can't keep these mid 70s, slightly breezy days throughout the summer. Pretty soon we'll be sweating as soon as we step outside.A hug for Gammie and Miles.
One of the many reasons that I think Gammie hung the moon? She'll buy the ridiculously expensive giraffe bottle with lemonade in it. How fun is that? Mom would say no if I asked her...
Ella really enjoyed the animals this time. She growled at most of them. They were all very intimidated. Her favorite were the little monkeys.
A short glimpse of the love they have for one another. Deep down. I think they have to dig for it, but every now and then I'll witness it.
Miles fell and scraped both knees as we were about to leave. Last night he was telling the story to me as if I had not been there and he said, "I fell at the zoo today, and now I have a hurting." He's so much better today that he declined my special mommy kisses for his own. That will never work...


KC said...

Looks like you all had a fun time.. My kids spring break is the week after easter and we are heading down to visit with my sister(22 hour drive in a van UGH.. but that is besides the point LOL) while we are there she is letting her dd take a day off school(her spring break is the week before Easter) and we are all going to the zoo.. My kids are excited.