Wednesday, January 7, 2009

and then I found this...

“God is my shepherd
And I am His little lamb
He feeds me
He guides me
He looks after me
I have everything I need
Inside, my heart is very quiet.
As quiet as lying still in soft green grass
In a meadow
By a stream.
Even when I walk through
The dark, scary, lonely places
I wont be afraid
Because my Shepherd knows where I am.
He is here with me
He keeps me safe
He rescues me
He makes me strong
And brave.
He is getting wonderful things ready for me
Especially for me
Everything I ever dreamed of!
He fills my heart so full of happiness
I can’t hold it all inside.
Wherever I go I know
God’s never stopping
Never giving up
Always and Forever
Will go, too!”

Psalm 23 from the Jesus Storybook Bible


tamara said...

That has to be the simplest, sweetest version of the 23rd Psalm I have ever read. I love it! Thanks for sharing!