Monday, January 19, 2009

january playground day

My toothless wonder...
This tooth finally gave up barely holding on one day recently while Elijah was at school. He lost it in Isabelle's car on the way home, so we supposedly left the tooth fairy a note, and she barely came through with a dollar.

And today Elijah got to choose what we did. I gave him a couple of free options and he chose to have a picnic at a nearby playground. We had talked a few times about what holiday today was and why he didn't have to be in school. He decided to call this the January Playground Day. We picked Jonathan up from the office on our way to the picnic.

We had a fun time and will miss Elijah when he's back at school tomorrow.


tamara said...

You were brave in the cold... Ella is getting so big! She just looks older all of the sudden. Hope you are doing well!

Meme said...

Wow! That's quite a "window" in your mouth, Elijah! You are really growing up and becoming a nice young man!
Miles and Ella---you are growing up quickly too and of course, nice as well! meme

Katie said...

Can I go next time??