Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Counting gifts: anniversary edition

I met him when we were mere children. Twelve years old. My big brother introduced us, said Jonathan could have me if he wanted to. He would later take him up on that offer, but of course we didn't know that yet. I wonder, did God smile at that?

Then, over years we became friends. He picked on me. I laughed. Then, at the age of almost 16, knowing he was too sweet to say no, and my friend and I tricked him. He had no idea what was coming, but soon agreed to be my date for homecoming. He was so easy to talk to, strange for two shy kids.

Then one day, a little more than four years later, he took me on a day trip to the beach. He asked me {several times} to look at a sketch he had done. When I finally looked, it was a drawing of a ring, the one he was holding, he asked me to marry him. I said yes, and married him 13 years ago today.


He reminded me this morning of something Jim Brinkerhoff {our campus minister at Auburn }said during our premarital class. He said that it takes 25 years for a married couple to be "completely gelled" together. Then I remembered other things. He showed us a graph of marital satisfaction and asked what we thought caused a steep drop-off. It was having children. He spoke of marriage like a pair of hedge clippers. The husband and wife working together, and when they work well together, anything that comes in between them gets lopped off. He also said many times that marriage is hard work, but that we must remember the best is yet to come.


Thirteen years ago I said these words to him. I still mean them today.

Jonathan, I vow to be your faithful wife. I offer you my pure and true love and unwavering support throughout all our lives. As I stand here now in the presence of  God and these witnesses, I commit myself to you. As we grow and share together, I will encourage you and strive to help you reach your full potential as God's creation, then I will celebrate your progress. I give myself to you as I am and as I will be for all of my life.
I love you, baby. Like you said this morning, we are halfway to being gelled at 25 years! How blessed we are. I'll love you forever. I'm so grateful for the gift of you.

  • {73} A husband who takes care of me, of us.
  • {74} He loves me, and our children know it. They pretend that love is gross, but we know it makes their hearts happy, their home secure.
  • {75} He takes me as I am, but encourages me to grow and change in response to God's will.
  • {76} He loves me like Paul said he should.
  • {77} He always protects, trusts, hopes, perseveres. He is love to me.
  • {78} Knowing, believing that the best is yet to come.
  • {79} We've grown up together, are growing a family together, grow in the Lord together, and Lord willing, will grow old together. 
  • {80} Striving together to be a cord of three strands.
I am a blessed woman, loved by my Father, who has given me the gift of this man.



carrie said...

Love the pictures! I remember the way you both treated one another in high school and knew you would get married one day. What a blessed marriage. Happy anniversary!

Rebecca said...

I absolutely love the last picture! You can see such love and peace in your faces!

Lollie said...

Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful love story, that keeps getting better;)

Erika said...

I know I'm late, but Happy Anniversary! Love you guys!