Friday, September 21, 2007

The 3 "Mikeskateers" and On Why I Miss My Mom

The picture of my parents was taken the day Miles was born. It serves as proof that my dad actually let my mom hold Milesy for a few moments that day. Shortly after it was taken, my dad said, "I don't share babies very well." He meant it. Miles, or "Smiles" as my dad called him, really brought a lot of light to all of us, especially Dad, in the darkness to come.

The picture of Kevin and me was taken about 2 months later, on their first visit with Miles.

Recently, Mom, Kevin and I decided that we are the 3 "Mikeskateers." A goofy title, I know, but sometimes you've got to laugh so you don't cry. We've always been very close, but going through Dad's illness and death side by side made our little trio even that much stronger. So, we are what remains of the Michael Cash family. Being without our leader is a struggle, and we all feel better when we are together, but I know we are making Dad proud as we carry on his legacy.

Mom is in Michigan with Kevin, Christine, Kell and Ian right now. She will have been gone for three weeks when she gets home next week. We've all missed her very much. Elijah keeps asking if today is the day we'll go pick her up at the airport. We haven't been to Chappy's since she left - we haven't verbally made that decision, but I guess we just don't go there without Mom. I miss her help with the kids, ofcourse. Who doesn't like reinforcement in caring for their children? But what I really miss about Mom is her company - just knowing she's here. So, while I truly want her to enjoy the rest of her trip, I'm ready for her return, as is the rest of my family! To all of my friends who are mad at me right now because they are away from their moms much longer than 3 weeks at a time - I'm sorry. I know you miss your moms and that one of you in particular wants to strangle me when you see me in Target with mine. I do realize how very lucky I am to live near my mom.