Sunday, September 2, 2007

Who are these three people in my van?

One day my mom and I were in the van with the kids. I was joking with my mom about how full my van had become (especially for someone who used to be "anti-minivan"). So I asked her, "Who are these people in my van, anyway?" Well, Elijah thought this was hilarious. So many times since then he has said that he wants me to ask this question about the three people in my van. He laughs and laughs as I pretend to not know him, Miles or Ella. He'll say "but I'm your kid, Elijah." And I'll say "Oh, well its just you, right? So who are these other two?" You get the point...he finds it so funny and is always able to eventually convince me that I do indeed have three kids.
If he only knew who "these three people in my van" are to me. My heart and soul. My hope and joy. My push and pull. I love them so much that it hurts sometimes. They teach me, stretch me, inspire me and give me the strength to keep going, growing and learning. They show me the vast and unconditional love of a parent and of God. I love these verses from the Martina McBride song "In My Daughter's Eyes":
And when she wraps her hand around my fingers
Oh, it puts a smile in my heart
Everything becomes a little clearer
I realize what life is all about
Its hanging on when your heart has had enough
Its giving more when you feel like giving up
and I've seen the light in my daughter's eyes...
The three people in my van are this to me. They urge me to "hang on" and "give more." They are innocent (mostly) and honest. They take pleasure in the simple. They live big and wide open and they love that way, too. I want to be more like them. I need to go to bed now. First, I'm going to kiss the sweet faces of the three people asleep in my house.


Pick alittle talk alot cheep cheep cheep said...

You're a natural Blogger.

Weezy said...

What a great blog. I often wonder who the two people in my backseat are as well. They are seemingly each attached to one of my hips-Kell and Ian go EVERYWHERE with me, Kell has even been to most of my OB/GYN appointments- yet sometimes I look at them as if to say, "What happened? Are you supposed to be here?"

Erika said...

I'm so glad you joined the blogging world! Shey and I play a similar game. I'll hold out my hand to shake and say, "Hi, I'm mom, what's your name?" He'll laugh and say, "Hi, I Shey." Then we'll start all over and over and over again.