Monday, December 24, 2007

Ella's first post

My name is Ella. This picture was taken when I was much younger - 6 weeks ago. My blog friend Baby #3 tagged me to have my very first blog post. This seems like a pretty big challenge for a 10 and a 1/2 month old, but since I consider myself to be more like 15 months I'll give it a shot. I'm sure Momma will help me anyway. So here are 8 things about me:
  1. I really enjoy making my oldest brother mad by turning the TV on and off while he's trying to watch it. He knows better than to hurt me over it, although he does yell at me...
  2. My other brother doesn't like for me to touch anything, even things that belong to me. This really gets on my nerves, but I still just have to get my hands on him and TRY to give him some love. Don't they say to kill them with kindness? I'm sure that's what I'm thinking.
  3. One of my favorite toys currently is a huge dump truck at my gammie's house. The truck bed goes up and down and makes loud noises at the touch of a button. Very cool.
  4. Miles told me that Sampta is coming to our house soon...
  5. This must be the guy Momma said is bringing my very first baby doll. The one she bought right in front of me the day after Thanksgiving. I loved it and couldn't keep my hands off of it. Then she paid for it and put it away for this Sampta to bring... what does she take me for? A ten month old?
  6. I am the daughter that my Momma always wanted and prayed for... and yes, she absolutely adores my big brothers and thinks little boys are so great. She's blessed to have the chance to experience boys and a girl - that's what she really always wanted - BOTH!
  7. I happened to show up at the perfect time, in God's timing, to bless my family after the loss of my Poppa. My momma thought the last thing she needed after losing her dad was another baby - but, as it ends up, I'm exactly what she needed. She is learning through me to wait and trust. And trust some more.
  8. I hate to wear my shoes. I have more shoes than Momma because she seems to be addicted to cute little shoes. And they are very cute, I just don't want them on my feet. At the first chance I have I remove them and my socks, too. Momma doesn't like this. She fusses at me and then I fuss back as she puts my socks and shoes back on. Is this the way it's going to be?
Now, I'm supposed to tag some friends to do the same: Lily, Cullen, Reese, Shey, Madalyn, K., Todd, and Liam. This was fun and some of you are MUCH older than me - like 2 or 3. You'll do great. Just leave me a comment so I'll know when to check your post. Merry Christmas. We hope "Sampta" is good to you!


Anonymous said...

Ella is beautiful- what a great pic. Baby #3 is 15 months and still loves turning the TV off when people are watching :).

Anita McFarland said...

Good job on your blur and black background! :) Very sweet picture.