Sunday, December 30, 2007

"It might be Sampta..."

is what Miles said excitedly when he heard our doorbell ring on Christmas Eve morning. It was great to hear the anticipation in his voice as this year was the first time he sort of started to understand things. I had to explain many, MANY times that Santa would not come until everyone was sleeping. This was a bit challenging this year since, due to the broken nose incident, Miles had been in a big boy bed for one night . He only came out to the living room once before "Santa" started working. And, the nose is doing great. It looks like it is healing straight. This is the boys on Christmas morning before we left their room. This is the "bike" Santa left for Miles. Unfortunately, his legs aren't quite long enough to pedal this one yet, but he's still very happy to have it.
This is Ella trying to feed her baby a piece of wrapping paper. What a good little mommy.
Santa even came through on the requested accordion for Eli. The Santa at the mall really tried to help me out of this one by saying that accordions are hard to find,but Eli told him to go get it at Cracker Barrel. Thanks for trying, Santa!
We had a great Christmas with our families. We hope yours was wonderful and full of happy memories.


tamara said...

That Ella is absolutely beautiful! And we have the same Leigh Middleton doll here, too! Looks like you guys had a great Christmas.