Friday, December 21, 2007

Different but better

This is Dad with Miles

Dad with Kell, telling us about next year...

On Christmas night, 2 years ago, my dad said goodbye to us without actually saying goodbye. He told us that he loved us, that that day had been his best Christmas ever, and that "next Christmas will be better, different, but better." We all knew what he was saying, but each in our own way sort of denied it and held tight to our desire and hope for him to still be with us the next Christmas. Last Christmas was indeed different. My brother and his family, my family, my aunt and Mom escaped to Callaway Gardens for Christmas Eve and Christmas night. I think it helped us to be away. There was a huge Dad-shaped void, but sweetly next to that void was my new 2-month old nephew. And sweetly, we were anticipating the birth of the family's first girl in my little boo. And yes, in a way, last Christmas was better because Dad was not suffering through it but was celebrating with Jesus. This Christmas, we will try and resume a "normal" Christmas routine. We will be at home. The Dad-shaped void will remain, as it does daily. But we will feel him urging us to enjoy our day, soak up the sweet time with our children, and surround our mom with love. Will do, Dad. Merry Christmas!


Gina said...

I wish I could have talked to you more Wednesday night. I do want you to know that I come here and am refreshed by the sweetness of your father's memory - and I love you.

canearl said...

I love the pictures! I hope that you guys have a wonderful Christmas.