Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We pumped it up!

We had a great time at Eli's birthday party. We certainly couldn't have entertained 27 children in our home for 2 hours. He had a great time as the birthday boy as you can see here. He's all about blowing out those birthday candles!
Miles and I enjoyed the slide (and enjoyed the slide, and enjoyed the slide). I love this picture of him - pure and simple joy on his face. On a different note, two days after his birthday, Eli and I took a tour of a school he may attend next year. It was sort of strange, exciting and scary all at once...but mostly I just became really sad. I was pleased with what I saw, but I just don't want him to go. Next year is going to be such a big step (for both of us) and a big change. It has just gone way, way too fast.


tamara said...

You will get so much joy watching him learn and grow. The sadness fades quickly, I assure you. He will love it!