Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy Birthday to Gammie!

After my morning breakdown (see previous post), I picked myself up and got ready to celebrate my mom's birthday. She spent the day with a friend and I spent the day sewing a purse for her, which turned out quite cute, and making a cake. It was fun trying to spoil the woman who always spoils me. We went to dinner at the Catfish House (yummy!) and then had cake at our house. Here you can see Eli helping her blow out her candles. No, she's not 6 years old. I decided to give her a candle for each grandchild - 6 because my brother is expecting his third in the summer.
Eli helped me with the cake. This means that he cracked open an egg not by hitting it on the rim of a bowl, but by squeezing it in his hand. He then watched my Kitchen-Aid with glee because I've recently introduced him to the dangerous practice of licking the bowl. My dad and I used to fight over who got to lick the bowl when I was little. Now I'll be fighting over it with Eli.
We had a fun little party for Gammie. Everyone got to stay up late. Will they sleep in tomorrow? Happy birthday, Gammie!


Rebecca said...

I didn't know that "Gammie" was the name your kids called your mom. That is what we call my mom too, and up until now, had not heard anyone else use that name. Isn't that neat! The funny thing is, when Brooks was little he couldn't say Gammie so he said it using a "D" instead of a "G" at the beginning. That was a fun time!