Friday, February 15, 2008

the Adventure

This is a song by Angels and Airwaves that Kevin emailed to me. He says it helps him to think of this song and the images from the video and about the beauty surrounding our dad now. I saw an interview with Don Piper, the guy who wrote 90 minutes in Heaven. He spoke of the beautiful sights, and of how the music is something you become a part of, and of the wonderful, indescribable smell. Then the guy who wrote A Purpose Driven Life spoke about how in the grand scheme of things, this life is so short, like preschool preparation for the real thing - the next life. That description really struck a chord with me as that is where we are with Elijah - on the edge of that preschool to kindergarten transition. Is that how God sees us as his children? On the edge of that earth to heaven transition? Almost ready for Real Life? This song speaks to that idea in the line " we go, life's waiting to begin..." and what a beautiful idea. What a beautiful truth.
The Adventure Lyrics