Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"Do you untie knots?"

I was reading in Max Lucado's Next Door Savior today and came across an idea I just can't get out of my head. He related a story about a friend of his who was sitting on a park bench, as he did every morning for a few minutes. Nearby a group of children gathered at the bus stop...

he noticed a little fellow, maybe five or six years of age, struggling to board the bus. While others were climbing on, he was leaning down, frantically trying to disentangle a knotted shoestring. He grew more anxious by the moment, frantic eyes darting back and forth between the shoe and the ride.

All of a sudden it was too late. The door closed.

The boy fell back on his haunches and sighed. That's when he saw Roy. With tear-filled eyes he looked at the man on the bench and asked, "Do you untie knots?"

Jesus loves that request.

I love this simple story that speaks to how we all mess up. We then try frantically to handle things on our own. As time ticks away we become more and more anxious, all the while causing a bigger problem, digging a bigger hole, or creating a bigger, more tangled knot. We finally give up, sometimes only because we are forced to. With heavy hearts and tears in our eyes we can go to Jesus with a simple question. Do you untie knots? Lord, look what I've done, can you fix it? I lost my patience with these boys today, God. Will you help? Father, I don't have the words to pray, you know what they should be. I don't know the words to comfort her, will you put those words in my mouth? God, I'm sad and can't climb out of it, can you give me a lift? Oh, Lord, I am overwhelmed by this task, can you give me peace? The list could go on and on. The answer is always the same. Yes. But we must ask him, and he waits to hear and help. Jesus, do you untie knots?


Rebecca said...

Isn't that a wonderful thought!! Sometimes I think about that when we are trying to solve our problems on our own. God is right there tapping us on the shoulder saying, "I'm right here, if you need me"