Wednesday, September 24, 2008

math night

Last night was Math Night at Elijah's school. MeMe (Jonathan's mom) joined us to check out Elijah's school, and we all had fun going around to various activities. With his teacher he played ring around addition, next he graphed fruit loops, he won at Bingo,and threw a cotton ball 7 feet (which he measured by counting rulers). It was very crowded and the lines were long, but what a blessing to be part of a school with such wonderful parent involvement.

Miles also enjoyed being at big school and this morning was thoroughly angered by the thought of having to return to little school. He was so upset he told me he was "going away." When I asked him where he'd go he said "somewhere else." I hope he knows how to get there.


Amanda G. said...

Thanks for all the prayers for Lilly. We are so grateful. She is doing so well today. She has her "first baby doll" hanging above her bed. :)

Just wanted to say that Miles and Taylor can meet up "somewhere else" as that is where Taylor wants to go when he needs to do something he knows I won't like...for example I put chapstick on him one day and then he said he was going "somewhere else". When he returned he had wiped his lips clean.

Erika said...

Sometimes I would like to "go away" to "someplace else". Sounds nice. :)

MeMe said...

Since Miles was wanting to go "someplace else," do you think he's going to be around to join us at Disney World next spring?? Or---perhaps he did get in Elijah's piggy bank and get his money to "buy tickets" to a ballgame like he was wanting to do last night! That child is a mess---but so much fun! As we all say, "He's just Milesy!"

Heidi said...

It sounds like a fun night.