Tuesday, September 16, 2008

tagged by Katie

My sweet little sister (in-law),Katie, tagged me for this little meme. So here you go, if you really want to know...

6 things you may not know about me:
  1. I had heard many wonderful things about the peanut butter doughnuts at a local bakery. I had tried once to go, only to get there 5 minutes after closing time. Finally I went last Friday afternoon, only to find they had sold out of them at 7:30 am. I had them hold back a half dozen that I picked up the next day. I expected time to stand still and angels to sing when I finally tasted this lovely sounding doughnut. Well, it was pretty good, but not "sell out of them at 7:30 am" good. No angels sang and time kept moving. At least I won't always feel like I need one when I happen to be in that area.
  2. I sing to each of my kiddos at bedtime. Elijah still asks for Come Away with Me, Miles wants to hear Baby Mine and Ella can't yet make a specific request but has been enjoying all three verses of Jesus Loves Me. She does let it be known that I need to pick her up out of the crib during the song and that we sing before we pray. She even claps for me at the end.
  3. I am very nearly addicted to sewing dresses for Ella. I have a pile of projects sitting next to me as I type. I think they are staring at me angrily because they are at different stages of completion, which brings me to my next point...
  4. I am so like my dad in that I start something new before I have finished what I was already working on. That goes for sewing, housekeeping and book reading. (Except my books are at my bedside, and not stacked in the bathroom!)
  5. I've been called many things in my life. My brother to this day calls me Stinky, which my daddy Pat also used to call me. My dad used to call me Doll-Lady. My mom used to call me Pookie, which I've been known to call Ella. When I was really little they called me Krissy, Tissy, Monkey and Tissy-Monk. My husband calls me Lovie or Babydoll. Elijah calls me Mom, Miles calls me Momma (or recently "poopoo momma" but I just ignore that one usually!), and Ella calls me "ma." God calls me a daughter of the King.
  6. I'm a Cinderella. Well, according to Miles anyway. Tonight as I was reading on my bed with Elijah, Miles and Jonathan were in the hallway looking at our many family pictures hanging there. I heard Miles ask "is that a Cinderella?" and Jonathan respond, "she is to me." He was looking at a picture of my dad and me on my wedding day. Such a sweet little guy, that Milesy.
  7. And, as a bonus, I am officially a PTA Mom. I attended my first PTA meeting tonight and signed up for a few upcoming events. I feel a little old.
So, there you go. Did you want to know? I tag Anita, Betsy, Rebecca, Erika, Carrie and Tamara. Let's throw Monica in there, too!


Katie said...

You're such a sweet momma, Kristin. And I can't even take how sweet that Cinderella story is...too precious.

Anonymous said...

Yeah ... real sweet ... D Do