Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ellaboo's first year

I wanted to share some pictures from Ella's first year. She'll be one in two days. It has flown.

These are the lyrics to Plumb's My Child. I first heard this a few days ago and I think it's so appropriate for how I am feeling as her first birthday approaches.

  • Peacefully you are sleeping
  • Silently you dream
  • And I cannot help but feeling blessed
  • While watching you
  • Your eyes
  • My eyes
  • Your smile
  • My smile
  • Your love
  • My gain
  • Your hurt
  • My pain
  • Your laugh
  • My joy
  • Every time, it's mine
  • You are my child
  • I will always protect you
  • Oh and I will even let you go
  • I'll spend the sweetest time holding you
  • And will let you grow
  • Chorus
  • Don't ever be afraid
  • Don't ever be afraid
  • Cause I am here
  • And if you start to fear
  • Just close your eyes
  • And hear me say
  • Chorus


katie said...

Beautiful Ella! I can't wait to see ya'll soon!

Rebecca said...

Those are just gorgeous pictures! I heard that song the other day for the first time too!

Erika said...

It took me forever to figure out who she looked like, but now that I saw your mom in her in one pic, it's so obvious. Ella is just a spitting image of her. Sweet baby!

tamara said...

She is just so pretty!!! You should be so proud! Enjoy her day.

Betsy said...

Happy Birthday Ella!

Anonymous said...

U-G-L-Y ... Ella ain't got no alibi ... She's ugly.

Amanda G. said...

Happy Birthday Ella! Time flies when you're having fun!

Anonymous said...

Newborns aren't supposed to be that pretty. We love our niece and miss seeing her everyday.

Aunt Weezy