Tuesday, January 8, 2008

micah & me stationary

My sweet sister (in-law), Katie, has set up an Etsy website to bring her beautiful stationary to the world. Lotus is shown above and is my current personal favorite. It reminds me of fabrics by my favorite fabric gal, Amy Butler. Katie designed this lovely image without ever hearing the name Amy Butler. Katie is so talented. The store is just now up and running and she will be adding more to it soon. You can check it out here and I'll also be adding a permanent link on the blog soon.


Rebecca said...

I really like those designs! When I saw the name Katie, I said to myself, "You mean like Christina's old friend Katie?" I don't know why I think she should not have grown up, while Christina did. It just makes me feel old, even though Katie is only a couple of years younger than me. I guess we are all getting older.

tamara said...

Amazing! The designs are beautiful, and it was equally as fun to see old names I recognize from home! She will do well... and, yes, Rebecca, we are all getting old. Old, old, old.