Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Love Lifted Me

I just left the boys' room. Jonathan had put them to bed earlier and I was later summoned in to their room by Miles, who needed a hug. I knew this also meant he wanted me to sing to him. His most requested song is "Lifted Love Me," and how can I resist when he insists on calling it that? Most nights I go in and sing one song for each of them after Jonathan has read and prayed with them while I am doing the same with Ella. Eli crashed pretty fast tonight so by the time I got in there it was just Miles and me. He sat in my lap while I rocked him and sang "rockabye" (which he also loves) and "Love Lifted Me" and part of a Sara Groves song that he calls "the song about God." I managed to get him laying down in the bed and he asked me to "sing lifted love me one more time." This time he sang with me - with halting words a bit behind mine, off key and really spoken more than sung - but he held my hands and sang with me and it was beautiful. Jonathan says all the time that Miles is just a beautiful little person. He really is when you get past the two-year-oldness and anger management issues that are part of his little (but big!) personality. He's the one who lifted me with love tonight.


Anonymous said...

Uncle Kevin loves Miles.


Erika said...

Shey is a beautiful soul too, except when he is hitting me with dinosaurs as I am trying to read to Peyton. :)

Anita McFarland said...

You know this entire family loves our little sweet, angry boy.

Amanda G. said...

That is so sweet. Taylor has been loving a David Crowder CD that plays in Wes car. For awhile his fave song was "The Mad Monkey" song. AKA..."I will dance, I will sing, to be mad for my king." I thought it was kinda sad tonight when he asked to hear the "my king" song. Guess he's growing up.

PS- Thank you for the hearing test info. :)

Rebecca said...

You've been tagged...see my blog for details :)