Saturday, June 21, 2008

the birthday man

June 21, 2005 - Jon Miles is born

Elijah met his new brother before he was even an hour old. I remember this moment so clearly. I had wondered and prayed and worried about the moment my first baby would meet my new baby. Elijah stood in a chair next to the bed and instinctively made these sweet little noises. Miles turned to look at the face that matched the little voice he had already heard so much of. This is one of my favorite pictures ever. The beginning of brotherhood.

Miles at 11 days old. Jonathan took this beautiful picture - it almost looks like a fetal image.

This morning I said, "hello birthday boy!" and Miles replied, "No, I'm a birthday man." So all day he referred to himself as the birthday man. Tonight in the bath he told us he was bigger because he had a birthday. We had a fun day starting with a birthday orange roll. We had to light the candle and sing to him three times before he took the first bite. And actually, Miles started the celebrating before Jonathan and I were out of bed - he helped himself to a cupcake from his party yesterday. The chocolate evidence was sprinkled over my white living room rug. This little one is growing up in a fast blur...

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tamara said...

How exciting that our boys have the same birthday!! Happy birthday to Miles!! Hope he had a wonderful day!

Amanda G. said...

So glad Miles had a good birthday. I can't seem to get Taylor to understand that he is still a little boy either. The answer to most things is "but I'm Big now".

We saw an ad in a magazine the other day with the picture of a cute blue eyed and dark hair baby. Taylor wanted to know if that was "Miles' baby". I thought he meant Miles as a baby then I looked again and I think he wanted to know if it was a picture of Ella (aka Mile's baby :)

ps-Taylor loved getting his mail the other day!

KC said...

Happy birthday to the birthday boy.