Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's Father's Day...

and I miss my dad.

While he was dying and since I have learned so much about him and the kind of man that he was; the kind of things you just don't see even though they are right in front of you. I remember one of the letters we received after he died from someone Dad had met occasionally at conferences telling us about how proud he was of each of us, and of how when he spoke of us he was happy. Other letters spoke of his influence both personally and professionally. Recently when I accepted an honor on Dad's behalf, a man I had never met nor heard of came up to give me a hug and told me he used to carpool with my dad. Many years ago. He had tears in his eyes. See, when Dad was here, he was just my dad. I loved him terribly. We didn't always see eye to eye. Sometimes we argued. Then we argued some more. But he was just always there, no matter what, my biggest fan. Waiting to be needed. Ready to help. He was hard on me at times. I see now it was for my own good. Always, always forgave me. Always loved me. My dad. But after he died, he also became a man to me. I learned what was always there in front of me. He wasn't perfect, but he was loving and he showed us the way to a loving God. Sometimes, when I feel lost without him, I just think of what he would want me to remember above all else..."remember who you are and whose you are." Meaning his daughter, but more importantly, a daughter of the King.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! I wonder when it starts getting easier.