Tuesday, June 3, 2008

for granddaddy

Even though Miles may not always speak to you, or hold your hand, or just in general be sweet to you, know that he notices how you are with him...last night I was giving him and Ella a bath and out of no where Miles said "granddaddy always talks to me." I told him that is because you love him. He smiled a big, sweet Milesy smile. And believe me, he notices those who don't talk to him, too, like the motorcycle men we pass on the interstate or the firemen who have no way of knowing he's watching them.


Paige Betterton said...

Hey Kristin,
My name is Paige Betterton and Jonathan and I are cousins. My husband Brandon and I adopted our daughter Grace from China almost two years ago. She is 3. I have enjoyed reading your blog. Check ours out if you get a chance. It's wwwbettertonfamily.blogspot.com .

Have a great night!